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Here is what you need to know about us:

  • Our goal is to empower you to become an expert in your own skin care and promote your skin health and beauty.
  • We provide useful and thought-provoking facts about skin care and about dermatologic diseases and their treatments.  ​​
  • In addition, we offer a selected set of high quality skin care products at great prices through our Amazon affiliates!  

The Central Skin Team

Central Skin was started by a M.D. Dermatology resident physician with the goal of promoting skin health by explaining dermatology concepts through engaging and interesting articles which anyone can understand. The site is currently run and edited by multiple dermatology resident physicians.  

Katherine Giesen is a freelance multimedia writer and editor and currently is one of the assistant editor interns at Central Skin. She was born and raised in South Jersey and studied broadcast journalism in Florida. In addition to her interests in skin health, Katherine has a background in the culinary arts. Through her passions and interest, she wants to enrich the lives of others.



Hyera Ju is currently an assistant editor intern at Central Skin. She is attending university full-time as an undergraduate student, pursuing a degree in Finance. She also writes for 6Theory Media, a New Jersey based company that runs websites publishing articles on Asian entertainment news. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, spending time with family and friends, and learning new recipes.



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