The Power of Exfoliation

Aug 28, 2013

When it comes to your skin looking it's best, dead skin cells are your worst enemy. Dead skin cells are constantly sitting on the surface of your skin

Beauty Secrets Exposed

When it comes to sunscreen, more expensive in not always better.

Aug 26, 2013

Those who subscribe to the axiom, "you get what you pay for" may be for a surprise to hear a new consumer report study ranking effectiveness of multiple store brand and brand name sunscreens.


What is YOUR skin type?

Aug 10, 2013

Knowing your skin type allows you to find the beauty products that are made specifically for YOU and therefore the most effective. During my years of beauty advising,

Skin Types
Beauty Secrets Exposed

Skin Physiology: linking inflammation and aging

Aug 2, 2013

For ages, people have been trying to decipher the reasons causing aging and understand secrets that can defy and dodge aging.

Guest Post
Skin Aging

Does sunlight exposure lower your blood pressure? A critical look at new research findings.

Jul 28, 2013

Sun tanning to lower blood pressure? Take this advice with a grain of salt and dollop of sunscreen. The findings of a study that was presented at the International

Sun Tanning
Blood Pressure

Dermatology App Review: DoctorMole

Jul 22, 2013

DoctorMole is an innovative app that allows you to take pictures of your moles with your smart phone camera. After you take a picture of your mole, DoctorMole uses a computer algorithm version

Derm Apps

How do you spot and treat poison ivy? 3 quick facts that you need to know!

Jul 15, 2013

The sap of poison ivy has a chemical called uroshiol which causes redness, itching and a rash when it comes in contact with skin. The rash results from an autoimmune hypersensitivity

Poison Ivy

Ever wonder how exfoliation, scrubs, and microdemabrasion work?

Jul 14, 2013

Your skin cells are in a state of constant flux! They are formed in the lower layer of your skin by a process called mitosis. In the span of approximately 28 days, they rise up through the other skin layers

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