How To Control Oily Skin - Natural Remedies and Useful Tips

Nov 21, 2013

We've all been there; washing our face before we start our day and within an hour or so, our skin creates a sun glare. Oily and or combination skin

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Oily Skin

What are the benefits of growing a beard or moustache? - a Movember feature!

Nov 16, 2013

As we are in the heart of "Movember," many men are donning an assortment of facial hair looks. Lets explore the lesser known benefits of facial hair. You may just want to keep that beard or moustache after November 30th.

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Skin Care Myth Demystified: "Facial exercises prevent wrinkles and keep skin toned"

Oct 30, 2013

Can you truly prevent wrinkles and keep your skin taut and young by doing facial exercises? The answer to this is:

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Skin Care Myth Demystified: "You can easily get rid of cellulite"

Oct 24, 2013

Is it true that you can use creams and massaging devices to permanently say goodbye to cellulite? The answer to this is


Exclusive Interview with Thiago Pradi, creator of iMelanoma, the automatic skin cancer detection app!

Oct 21, 2013

At Central Skin, we like to stay at the forefront of your skin's health. An emerging trend these days is to use mobile technology to promote


What's your type? - Find your true skin tone.

Oct 16, 2013

Many women struggle with finding their true skin tone. There are different methods to doing so, and after awhile, it all becomes very overwhelming.

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Anti-Aging Herbs and Spices

Oct 12, 2013

There are natural ways of fighting the common signs of aging. Certain herbs and spices have been known to be great for the skin. Let us take a look at them.

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Anti-Aging Diet for Younger Looking Skin

Oct 6, 2013

Eating the right food can make a whole lot of difference to your overall health. Including certain foods in your daily diet can definitely help in younger looking skin.

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