What is the UV Index? - Yes there IS an app for that.

On Jul 7, 2013

UV US app
The UV US IPhone app  - Weather Forecast, UV Index, and Alerts

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The UV Index is released daily by the National Weather Service. While the ozone later typically shields us from the sun's harmful UV rays, ozone depletion means that different amounts of UV rays are hitting different parts of the earth. If the solar UV radiation is unusually high, it takes less time outside to get a sunburn. 

To look up the UV Index on the EPA website: http://www.epa.gov/sunwise/uvindex.html

Helpful apps like UV US can help you figure out what the UV Index is in your neck of the woods!

For more information about sun protection, have a look at our article, "What does SPF mean - Understanding Sun Protection Factor."

UV Index


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